Condition Mint


March 3, 2017
Ahoy there listeners! Thanks to those that have jumped on the ground floor of this exciting new enterprise, featuring incendiary broadcasting talent not witnessed since the arrival of Richard Wilkins. Jase and Fox have spent thousands of hours over the years chatting about footy, cricket, philosophy, revolutionary politics and music yet none of this powerhouse discourse has ever been digitally documented and made available to Joe and Joanne Public. This outrage ends now!!
The Condition Mint podcast will focus on our love of music (though expect some diversions) where we shall endeavour to reveal both insightful truths and dense dollops of bullshit in equal servings. We’re pretty much doing this for our own amusement, but if you listen along that’s great, and if you’d like to offer any thoughts of your own, hit us up on our Facebook page. Get involved.