Episode 11: Plank Spanking Power Rankings

May 11, 2017

Condition Mint take on the unenviable task of ranking some of the greatest and not quite greatest guitar players of all time, using the sophisticated high tech problem solving power of the VTR system. Luddite Jase foolishly questions the state of the art Dexter computing interface and is mildly shocked to discover it has developed A.I. in so far as it can swear at him. Fox meanwhile struggles with how to introduce Ted Nugent into polite conversation.

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Music discussed this week includes:


Spiders: Shale Electric (2014),

The Darkness: Permission To Land (2003)

Ted Nugent - Violent Love
From: Scream Dream (1980)

Jerry Reed: Eight Miles to Louisville
From: Georgia Sunshine (1970)


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